10 Ways to be More Sustainable

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Plant a garden

You don’t have to be a green thumb or devote a lot of time or space to benefit from growing your own food. You can start small with easy plants such as tomatoes, carrots and potatoes!

Make a rain barrel

You’d be amazed at how much water you can collect from one rain! Use the rainwater to then water your garden and landscaping plants, which will also save you money.

Start composting

Turn trash, table scrapes and waste into pure nutrients – your garden will thank you!

Can, freeze and dry food

It might have seemed complicated from watching your grandma, but it’s really not. Once you start, you realize how simple it truly can be and you’ll feel good about your food!

Forage for wild edibles

There’s nothing better than using what’s naturally available. “God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.”

Hunt and eat wild game

Nothing else can give you the same appreciation for where your food comes from. And nothing else is more organic or local. Plus, the money from your hunting license goes to support conservation across the state.

Backyard chickens

There’s something special about going out and collecting eggs every day. And you’ll definitely notice the difference between cooking farm fresh eggs versus those eggs at the grocery store! There are many breeds of chickens that are great for both eggs and meat.

Get a pig or two

Not everyone has the room or ability to have a pasture of cattle. A pig is a great solution to raise some of your own meat as you can have just a couple and they don’t need much space. You can raise them in the spring and butcher as soon as late summer.

Homemade cleaners

I never imagined I would someday take the time to make my own cleaners. But now I never want to go back. White vinegar can pretty much do it all!

Salvage a building project

It might be easier to run to the store, but you’ll save money by salvaging materials for a project or repurposing something… and you’ll be much prouder in the end! ~JP