Spring Cleaning Taxidermy

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Spring Cleaning
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Caring for your taxidermy mounts

It might seem too early for spring cleaning… after all, it is only winter still. But as an outdoor enthusiast, I don’t know a time I’ve actually wanted to clean once spring has sprung. I’d rather clean now when I’m stuck in the house from winter weather, so I can be out and about come spring! Here are some tips for caring for your taxidermy mounts. After all, you spent so much money and time to acquire them, a little upkeep will help them last and look nicer, longer.


Moths, beetles and other insects can be disastrous to your mounts, whether burrowing into the mount or eating the hair. Insects can happen even in a very clean room and home, and can turn a high-dollar mount into a mangy, bald mess quickly. Inspect your mounts for bugs, looking into any cavities such as the mouth and ears, and checking the hair. If you find any insects, act fast – taking it to your taxidermist to have it fumigated or purchasing products specifically for taxidermy mounts.


Use a feather duster or blow dryer to knock excess dust off.


Lightly spray furniture polish, such as Pledge, onto a clean rag and wipe over your antlers to clean them.


To keep dust off the hair or feathers of your mount, also use a small amount of furniture polish on a rag, and wipe the animal down, following the grain of the hair.


Clear eyes of dust and restore their gloss by using a Q-tip with window cleaner, such as Windex. Use as little cleaner as possible.


Also dab window cleaner on the nose to keep it bright and shiny.


Now go outside and play! ~JP