DIY: Buckeye Ornaments

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DIY: Buckeye Ornaments
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Making a buckeye Christmas tree ornament or decoration

I often make some of these buckeye Christmas tree ornaments to give as gifts each year. It is a great way to teach others about buckeyes as I often include a little message with them that tells about their history and meaning.

First of all, you must dry your buckeyes. If you just have a few, you won’t have an issue if they are laying somewhere they can get air. However, if you have a lot, you’ll need to dry them, and you’ll be shocked at how much moisture will pull out of them. If you have wire racks, this works best to allow air circulation, but you can lay elsewhere – just be sure they are drying out instead of getting moldy. Lay several layers of newspaper down and then place a single layer of buckeyes on the paper. As the paper gets moist, continue to remove it and refreshen with new paper and move your buckeyes around. Continue to do this as needed (probably every couple of days) for two weeks.

At a craft store, buy your desired string (I use a thicker one as seen in this pic) and beads. Make sure the beads have a larger hole so you’ll be able to string them.

Drill a hole through the buckeye large enough for the string you are using. A drill press works best, if possible, and is the safest way to do this.

Cut enough string so you have plenty and won’t come up short. If your beads have a large enough hole, feed both ends through your beads and buckeye and double knot it at the bottom of the buckeye. I also like to create a knot at the top of the beads.

If your bead hole is not thick enough to double, feed one side of the string through the buckeye. Knot it large enough that it cannot pull back through. Then, string desired beads through the other end and knot it at the top of the beads leaving a loop to hang on your Christmas tree branch. Trim excess string.

Merry Christmas! ~JP