Outdoor Yoga

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  Five feel-good poses for a healthier you, inside and out By Tara Huff With warmer temperatures and longer days ahead, springtime is the perfect season to start taking your yoga practice into the great outdoors. Practicing yoga in nature … Continued

Ramp Up Your Spring

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  Also known as leeks or wild onions, ramps are sure to spice up your spring! By Jennifer Dums Foraging for wild food has been a part of my life since early childhood. One of the earliest memories I have … Continued

Chaga, Chaga, Chaga!

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  Packed with health benefits, this unique mushroom has become a sought-after winter gem By Chanda Gebhardt As a family of the outdoors, we are always looking for things to do on the way out to the woods! That’s where … Continued

Stack the Racks

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  Shed hunting tips for out West By Karla Miller I’m never down to see hunting season come to an end. It’s kind of depressing! As soon as it’s over, I am seriously counting down the days until the opening … Continued

DIY: Buckeye Ornaments

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Sharing your Luck Making a buckeye Christmas tree ornament or decoration I often make some of these buckeye Christmas tree ornaments to give as gifts each year. It is a great way to teach others about buckeyes as I often … Continued

Tips to Take Great Outdoor Photos

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It’s amazing how instant everything is nowadays… that includes photography. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to have a huge, expensive camera to take remarkable photos and you don’t have to wait to see or edit them. You can capture … Continued

Light it Up!

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Building the perfect campfire I’m not sure how building a fire became a “man’s thing” because from my observations, many of them suck at it – ha! They throw big logs together, campfire garbage and douse with lighter fluid. Hmm… … Continued

Stand Up Paddling

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That’s what’ SUP! By Katie Gilbert Stand up paddling has dominated as one of the fastest growing sports worldwide over the last five years. What is stand up paddling, or SUP, as it is also known? It is as simple … Continued

Little Blues

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Creating a bluebird trail for your home Last year, I decided to make a bluebird trail for our acreage. While I got so much fun out of monitoring the parent bluebirds and watching the eggs turn into baby chicks and … Continued

The Marvel of Morels

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They’re famous for being a true delicacy. And if there’s anything to make them even more irresistible, it’s the fact we only have them to savor once a year. However, many don’t realize there are true morels and false morels. … Continued

Recipe: Fried Morel Mushrooms

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FRIED MOREL MUSHROOMS We’ve tried many variations for cooking morel mushrooms over the years, but this is the favorite we always come back to! Enjoy! INGREDIENTS: fresh morels butter eggs flour salt pepper DIRECTIONS: Clean morels and cut in half. … Continued

Recipe: Grilled Asparagus

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GRILLED ASPARAGUS Wild asparagus is FREE and FULL OF HEALTH BENEFITS!!! We taste tested four common, simple ways to grill asparagus: one with butter, one with extra virgin olive oil, one with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and one with freshly squeezed … Continued

Trail Cams: Try a Water Setup

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  Girls – get your boots on and get in the water! This spring, try a water setup with trail cameras. With so many waterfowl migrating at this time, you can really get some amazing wildlife photos of a wide … Continued

The Other Spring Bounty

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Easier to find than mushrooms, hunting for wild asparagus can be a great family activity! By Christi Byerly People are often surprised to hear about one of my favorite spring activities – hunting wild asparagus. Many Midwesterners are familiar with … Continued