Hunting Apps

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Hunting Apps
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Using smart phones to aid in your hunts

Just as the world is ever evolving, so is the hunting industry and the products that change how we hunt, from the introduction of compound bows to trail cameras. Today is all about technology, and that technology continues to reach to the large market of hunters. Smart phones are a big part of this technology, and no matter what kind of adventure you have coming up, there’s an app for that to help you out.

There are many other apps out there – find what works best for you!

Antler Insanity

While this app has a lot of features specific to hunting, my favorite use for it is being able to mark the GPS points of treestands. You can then create a stand list, which is very helpful when trying to decide where to go for your next hunt.

I especially like that I can choose satellite viewing to see the terrain via Google and ‘Wind’ to see the forecasted wind direction at this stand location. You can also add notes, which are useful to go back and review when you last hunted a stand and when activity has been good or slow.

Best of all, this app is FREE!


I wanted a GPS for years, but they were too expensive for me. This is the best of both worlds – GPS Kit app for only $9.99. Plus, it works offline.

I find this particularly helpful when searching for a wounded deer. You can start tracking as you walk the trail and even leave markers where you’ve found key blood. This makes it easy to come right back to if you need to search again another time.

This information  is also helpful to try to predict where the wounded deer could potentially be heading in case you lose blood and need to blindly search.

Showing the topography, elevation and the pattern of the blood trail, you might be able to determine where the deer may have gone and any holes in your searching.

The Weather Channel

Weather is of course an important thing for a hunter to pay close attention to, whether it is about dressing properly for the hunt, looking at wind changes or being safe from an upcoming storm. The more detailed your weather app – the better.

Key features to make sure your app includes:

-Sunrise and sunset times

-Temp AND feels like temp

– Wind direction AND speed

– Live radar in past and future predictions

– The Weather Channel app is FREE.

First Aid

Often times, hunters are out in the middle of nowhere with spotty or no cell phone reception. In case of emergencies, the American Red Cross’ First Aid app is a great thing to have on your phone. Download it for FREE and you’ll have a reference at your fingertips on how to handle bleeding, broken bones, burns, heart attack, heat stroke, hypothermia and more.

Also FREE is their Pet First Aid app, which is good to have if your dog ever joins you on outdoor trips, whether hunting, fishing, hiking or camping.

Field Guide

What’s brought us to the woods in the first place is we enjoy nature, and there are lots of great apps for that.

One of my favorites to use while on a hunt is the National Geographic Birds Field Guide to North America for $9.99. I see so many different birds while hunting, and this app is great to help you identify them with descriptions, illustrations, maps, even recording of their calls! Then you can add that bird to a list of your year’s sightings. It’s also a great way to pass the time while your hunt is slow!

Look for other great nature apps that help you identify plants, mushrooms, trees, wildflowers, butterflies, animal scat and tracks, and more! ~JP