Light it Up!

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Light it up!
Click to view this article in the Summer 2015 issue of ADVENTURESS magazine.

Building the perfect campfire

I’m not sure how building a fire became a “man’s thing” because from my observations, many of them suck at it – ha! They throw big logs together, campfire garbage and douse with lighter fluid. Hmm… do you want to eat something off of that? Well, you can actually build the perfect campfire in just a few minutes with a little finesse, and that’s why I think it’s the perfect skill for women! Put down the lighter fluid and think layers.

(See article in the magazine at the link above to view photos)

1. First, lay large logs on the bottom for a long-lasting base.

2. Pile your twigs on top of the logs.

3. Stack your smaller, longer logs around the base forming a teepee.

4. Crumple individual pieces of newspaper and stuff them around the circle in the twigs. I use five wads.

5. Light each wad of newspaper with a lighter and watch it go!

Ta da! Three minutes later. The wads of newspaper start the twigs that catch the small logs that burn the large logs! ~JP