Protect Your Skin

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By Marianne Huskey

As featured on The Women’s Outdoor News

As a young girl, I loved summer. Who doesn’t love fun in the sun and a beautiful tan? Now, at the age of 41 and with years on the water, I have developed sunspots on my face and hands.

For those of us who spend time on the water in the summer and on the ice in the winter, the sun can be extremely damaging all year long. I have had three face peels, along with prescription creams from my dermatologist to reverse the damage, and nothing has worked. So, please don’t wait until the damage is done. Protect yourself early in life. Here are some tips:

I recommend zinc oxide sunscreen, which gives great natural protection. I use the generic ‘Clear Zinc’ from Walgreens because it’s affordable ($6.99), even for those who go through so much of it like me.

Use Broadband Spectrum SPF 50, reapplying often, as directed.

After applying sunscreen, remember to wash your hands with a scent-removing hand soap before you touch any of your baits and continue fishing. I carry a bar of soap with me so I have it while I reapply on the water.

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