DIY: Slough Off Winter

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How to make HOMEMADE SUGAR SCRUBS! When you are an outdoorswoman, whether hunting, fishing, farming or gardening, the skin on your hands really takes a beating. I recently fell in love with making and using homemade sugar scrubs, and I … Continued

Little Blues

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Creating a bluebird trail for your home Last year, I decided to make a bluebird trail for our acreage. While I got so much fun out of monitoring the parent bluebirds and watching the eggs turn into baby chicks and … Continued

The Marvel of Morels

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They’re famous for being a true delicacy. And if there’s anything to make them even more irresistible, it’s the fact we only have them to savor once a year. However, many don’t realize there are true morels and false morels. … Continued

Recipe: Fried Morel Mushrooms

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FRIED MOREL MUSHROOMS We’ve tried many variations for cooking morel mushrooms over the years, but this is the favorite we always come back to! Enjoy! INGREDIENTS: fresh morels butter eggs flour salt pepper DIRECTIONS: Clean morels and cut in half. … Continued

Recipe: Grilled Asparagus

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GRILLED ASPARAGUS Wild asparagus is FREE and FULL OF HEALTH BENEFITS!!! We taste tested four common, simple ways to grill asparagus: one with butter, one with extra virgin olive oil, one with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and one with freshly squeezed … Continued

Trail Cams: Try a Water Setup

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  Girls – get your boots on and get in the water! This spring, try a water setup with trail cameras. With so many waterfowl migrating at this time, you can really get some amazing wildlife photos of a wide … Continued

Making a Turkey Spur Necklace

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By Skye Goode Last spring I was fortunate enough to harvest two mature gobblers. After consuming the meat, displaying the fans and beards, and taking more pictures than necessary, I decided I should do something with the “true” trophy on … Continued

The Other Spring Bounty

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Easier to find than mushrooms, hunting for wild asparagus can be a great family activity! By Christi Byerly People are often surprised to hear about one of my favorite spring activities – hunting wild asparagus. Many Midwesterners are familiar with … Continued