Trail Camera Gear

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Trail Cam Gear
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TRAIL CAMS: Editor’s Picks GEAR

There’s not always going to be a tree where you want to set up a trail camera – or a tree of the right size. That’s no problem with Stic-N-Pic. Their ground and tree mounts are quality made and will add so much versatility to your trail camera setups (water especially). $19.99-44.99

Problems with trespassers and people stealing your trail cameras?! Try Cambush – it’s camo for your trail camera! You won’t believe how well it blends into the surroundings – helping you keep your trail cameras and catch trespassers. $14.99

Covert Scouting Cameras is known for great quality photos. I recommend their MP8 trail camera for quality with a price that doesn’t break the bank. $134.99

This vest is actually designed for gardening, but it’s perfect for the many activities of the outdoor woman – including trail cameras! The Heirloom Vest by Duluth Trading Company has plenty of pockets to carry your batteries, SD cards, trail camera, pruners, gloves, scent lure spray, tree mount, phone, water bottle, etc.! $69.50